How to Always Win Tic Tac Toe

When you need to kill time or just want to have fun with a relative, a friend or your computer, you can play the very popular game of tic tac toe. Indeed, it is now possible to play this game on the internet where you can confront another online player or a robot. Tic tac toe seems extremely simple, but it can also be easy to lose, especially when your opponent plays first. So, if you wonder how to win this game more often, you will find here the best techniques to put in place.

Knowing the Rules of Tic Tac Toe

The first step is to get well familiar with the rules of the game even if you have played it since your childhood. The standard size of a tic tac toe grid is 3×3, which makes 9 squares. The principle of the game is to align three of your symbol, O or X, in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal row. Both players make moves in turn. The truth is it is quite impossible to answer to the question of how to win at tic tac toe simply does not exist. After all, if both players do not make mistakes, you will have to fight to win. Even if it is still fun to use a pen and a board or a sheet of paper, it is more practical to play tic tac online and for that, you can click here.

Our Tips and Tactics to Win Tic Tac Toe

Now we are going to take a look at some techniques that can help you beat your opponent on a 3×3 sized grid. Just imagine that you take the first move. We advise you to directly take the center box. This will give you a significant advantage. In response, your opponent can make two moves: they can take the diagonal line of your figure or a straight one (horizontal or vertical). If your opponent choses the second option, then congratulations! Now the victory is yours! Your next step is to put your symbol in an empty cell field, but not the symmetrical figure of the enemy according to your first move. Then, make sure to have at your disposal two winning moves. Therefore, you will win even if the opponent blocks one of them. This strategy works whether you play on a board or online. Do not forget to choose the level o difficulty of your game of tic tac toe.